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Re: Exhaust Question

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: October 30, 2002


It could be that the exhaust manifold have warped in the area of the gasket. Possibly due to either uneven tightening in the past, or just relaxation of the old bolt/studs. I know this is a pain (so is an R&R on the gaket once a week), but pull the intake and exhaust off and thoroughly clean all the gaket mating surfaces. Try and measure the exhaust manifold outlet and get an idea of the extent of the flatness, and try either to true it with a flat file or if possible, a mill. In any event, do what you can, and when you put everthing back together, do it loosely (like Alumcan indicated), and torque it up as he mentioned, with the exhaust gasket LAST. If it cannot be trued easlily, you can stack a couple of gaskets for more compression, and use that exhaust adhesive to glue the gaskets together. Also, Permetex made an exhaust grade RED RTV a while back that you can lightly smear on all gaskets (rather than the above adhesive). Past that point, you are looking at a new exhaust manifold (sorry!)


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