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Re: Exhaust Question

From: alumcan
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Date: October 29, 2002


Dave, I presume, that you have 'both' (head/manifold) surfaces clean and smooth? OK, I found 'this' little trick, 'back then' when 'splitting' inline 6 exhaust manifolds. Barely loosen the bolts between where the intake and exhaust manifolds bolt together, 'then' torque the maifolds to the head, after that process is finished, tighten the intake to exhaust maifold bolts. See, when the intake and exhaust manifolds are tightenend down first, the head to manifold alignment is off just enough causing a bypass leak. I have 'learned' the hard way, that even taking an exhaust/intake off a running vehicle and bolting the unit onto another motor, either one of the maiforlds would sometimes crack when torquing down, bcause no two head to manifold surfaces are the same. Hank and "Einstine" can explain it better than I can. Your problem might be, (worst case senerao) that your head is so warped that no intake/exhaust will be able to bolt down,,,,,


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