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Re: Rear window removal/installation Desoto

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: October 29, 2002


I have done the back window on my 57 Dodge Coronet. It's an ugly job. To get the window out, you need to remove all the trim around the window, unlock the rubber strip, and then, ever so delicately, begin to push on the inside of the glass while working the rubber with soapy water and something like a bondo spreader or paint stirring stick. I used a screw jack and a couple of pieces of plywood to apply the force and spread the pressure. I cut two strips of 1/2 inch plywood, both slightly less than the width of the window, and one about 2/3 the length of the window with the other at about 12 inches. I placed the screw jack on the package shelf, again with a piece of plywood underneath, and then raised it by hand to sandwich the plywood against the glass. The long piece goes aginst the glass and the short piece against the first. The jack, of course, goes against the short piece. The net result is that the wood kind of countours to the curvature of the glass and prevents too much force from being centralized in one spot. I just used my fingers to turn the screw jack, turing the screw until it wouldn't turn anymore, then getting out and working the weatherstrip with the soapy water. Get back in and give the jack another twist, get out and work the rubber. Just kept this up SLOWLY until the glass popped out of the rubber in one piece. It was scarry, though! Getting it back in is a similar process, only that gravity is helping you. Set the (unlocked) rubber in place around the perimeter of the opening, slather it up with soapy water, and, with a capable assistant, place the glass in position with the lower edge in the channel of the rubber first. Start working the rubber with your stick/spreader while gently pushing down on the glass. Keep slathering on the soapy water. The rubber will begin to "swallow" the glass an inch or so at a time as you work it with the water and tools. Don't force anything and don't get in a hurry. Use soft tools and just be careful and you should be alright. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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