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Re: 1958 Coronet Power Brake booster

From: ForwardLook Frank
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2002


Hello Tina, You can check your brake booster with the following test. 1.) With the car off, push the brake pedal down with your foot with a good amount of pressure. 2.) Start the motor and see if your foot goes down further. If it does, the brake booster is OK. Check for leaks by using a soap and water solution around the bellows and look for bubbles. If they're present, you have a leak. Not to fear though, they can be rebuilt. Kanter is your best source for parts. If it were me, I'd have the drums turned and get some new shoes and wheel cylinders. You may want to replace the back lines and the "T" fitting for the rear brakes as they seem to be a trouble prone area (especially the "T"). Good Luck-Frank


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