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Re: Dual Quad intake for "B" series engine

From: Joe Mac
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Date: October 27, 2002


Geoff, The Mopar part number for the B motor dual quad intake is 1827 899. The parts manual shows that they were available on Ply., Do. and De. lines. I know the Dodge badge was Super D500 for the '58 361 with dual quads. I beleive they were also offered in '59. These are not as rare as you might think. The hard part is finding original carbs, linkage and air cleaners. I've seen these intakes at every large Mopar (or general makes) show with a good swap meet. I bought one about 10 years ago and I'm still trying to find the original carbs etc. that I can afford (I've seen complete set-ups in the $1500 range). The bare manifold should cost you $150 at most. Try posting a want ad on this site. I plan to go with new prodution 500 cfm Carter AFB's, a generic linkage kit (both available from Summit)and a pair of chrome air cleaners. There has been some posts on this board by guys that are trying to find a source for repro air cleaners but nothing has been offered yet that I know of (none of this matters if you're building a custom). Hope this info helps and happy hunting.


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