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Alright Kids, Don't make me turn this thing around...

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: October 22, 2002


Del, Bobbo... I'm 23-years-old and I am quite familiar with all of the movie cars Del mentioned. I also agree with Bob in the thought that there's something to be said for maintaining a vehicle's original color. However, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the owner. Now, you can argue all day about whether a classic car is an investment or a money pit... but is there anyone that does this sort of labor purely for the dollar signs? It's too damned difficult to restore a MoPar just for the money. Wouldn't it be easier to just pick up a cookie-cutter Ford or Chevy if you're in it for that? That said, I own a '59 Dodge - but I'm still searching for a '57 Chevy to add to my collection. I'll be the first to admit that I, too, fall victim to the herd mentality once in a while. Nonetheless, I'm not discriminatory against the BowTie. I like a '57 Chevy as much as any Die-Hard Chevy guy... but I also like a ForwardLook machine for it's oddball flair. And, Bob... Perhaps nobody will remember Enron in ten years... but it's been nearly 2 decades since Christine laid skidmarks of fear in the hearts of movie-goers. To me, the red and white Plymouth will always signify Hell on Wheels. So, having spouted forth my $.02, do with it what you will and let's play nice together.


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