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Re: There's two opinions on everything: mine and the wrong one.

From: Del Fisher
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Date: October 22, 2002


Bob, you have so much tension. Relax, take a deep breath. Remember, you got interested in cars because they are fun. Originals, hot-rodded, restored, chopped, channeled, or restified, they all have a place and a following. I don't know why you are concentrating on the value issue. Just to put that to rest, yes, no car (with very few exceptions) is or should be bought and restored with a profit in mind. I don't know what shows you have been attending, but in the Southwest, I've attended at least 300 car shows in 30 years and only seen one Christine look-a-like. If they are as prominent as you describe it's not in this part of the country. But just because this is getting tiresome, here's an even better idea for that 1957 Savoy- Imagine if the Forward Look cars from 1957-1959 had become such a big seller that the body remined unchanged thru most of the 1960's and was the body in use when Plymouth was active and winning in the NASCAR wars of 1966. Picture Richard Petty campaigning a 426 hemi 1966 Plymouth (blue of course)in that body style. Illegally lowered roofline, massive brakes, rollcage, #43 on the door, used in all the 1966 Plymouth an alternate universe it could have happened.


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