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All 318's are Polys through 1966 (and '67 in Canada)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 21, 2002


The 1967-present LA/Magnum 318's are noticeably smaller than the polys! One surefire ID method is the exhaust ports. LA's,like the B engines,have siamesed center exhaust ports. (meaning the ports for cylinders 2+3 and 6+7 are next to each other) The exhaust ports for the polys are equally distant for all eight ports,like the Hemi engines. The typical exhaust manifolds installed will easily show the difference,you can see the poly log manifold attaches to 4 symmetrical ports. The typical LA manifold has three attach points,the smaller points on the edges (cyls 1,4,5 & 8) and a larger point for the siamesed exhaust ports (cyls 2,3,6 & &). [ Poly= O_O_O_O LA= O_OO_O ]


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