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Re: Retore Original or custom?? Advice please

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: October 20, 2002


I have a 57 Plaza 2 dr Post, originally green, now white that that I am slowley but surley putting together, and ran into the same thing, what to do with body color. As it is receiving a Hemi, at one point I considered making into a Hot Rod Magazine "Suddenly" clone. After a lot a soul searching, It looks like it's going to be Red and White close to what Christine is . Why? Because I like red and white. I am doing this car for me, and this is a color combination my wife and I both like. I am building this car to suit my tastes (not necessarly to come as close to the movie car as possible). Besides, as I found with my 57 Dodge (gold and white), anything with fins is going to be compared with Christine. If you like the colors, go for it. By the way in my area, this is not necessarly a big issue as there are not any other red/white 57/58 Plymouths close by. It ought to be interesting in Tulsa in 2007 though (the car is projected to be done in time for this).


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