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Re: 1958 Coronet (325) oil filter

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: October 20, 2002


Hello Tina, If the car sat for awhile, the transmission probably "burped" some of its fluid. When my car sits for awhile like 9 months or so, it will leave a nice puddle of fluid for me to clean up. Another thing to check would be the trans cooler lines leading from the lower tank of the radiator that go into the side of the transmission. The pan gaskets on those seem to hold up well so that would be the last thing to check. Also, another thought that comes to mind is to check your nuetral safety switch located on the drivers side back of the transmission. If that is too loose, you will leak fluid. IF you see no evidence of fluid around it, don't tighten it for the heck of it as it may render the switch useless. At that point, you could start up in any gear. Now as to your oil filter situation, you may want to wire brush the threads on the bolt that goes into the block. You can also wire brush the threads inside the block. A note of caution though only use a BRAND NEW wire brush of GOOD quality so that you don't leave any bristles in the block. No telling what kind of damage would be done to the motor. Another thing is to take your time on it and relax. Only use your fingers to get it started until the point that you can no longer tighten it with your fingers. I can practically thread mine all the way in before I need my wrench to finish the job. Well, I hope this helps. Any more questions, feel free to contact me. Take Care, Frank


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