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Re: Just bought a1957 Plymouth Belvedere but hiding it from the ...

From: james beamon
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Date: October 15, 2002


I personaly think that you have made a wonderful find as well as a great decision to bring that buetty back to life, no matter what people may think. I live in Morehead Ky and have been looking for a 57 or 58 Plymouth for over 10 years!! Unfortanatly there seems to be none in existance around here that I can find, I drove for over 8 hours one way to pickup a 58 belv. 2 door hardtop that had been siting in a field for 15+ years, just to have the owner crush the whole front end with a front loader, needless to say I cryed the whole 8 hours home with a empty trailer behind the truck. Any of these cars that can be found in any good condition is a true treasure, I would'nt let it go!! The best of luck to ya, your a lucky man!!!


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