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Re: Just bought a1957 Plymouth Belvedere but hiding it from the ...

From: Chris Lemos
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Date: October 15, 2002


Jim, I feel your pain! I'm 38 and I'm hiding my project car from my father! I'll wait till its done so I don't have to hear comments about the latest "bucket of rust" I'm "wasting" my money on, LOL! Unless you get real lucky, you never seem to get back as much money, sweat, and time as you invest in ANY car anyway, so make sure your doing for yourself, not the investment. As for hot rodding a 4 door: Don't sweat it. Its your car, make it like you want it. As the cost and availability of the more desireable 2 doors goes thru the roof, you will see more and more of the 4 doors and station wagons that nobody wanted 10yrs ago come out of the woodwork. I kick myself in the butt every time I think of those old 60's furys and wagons I snagged for $50, yanked the driveline, and crushed back in the 80's. :( (we wont even talk about the '70 challenger R/T clone I sold for a few hundred bux 'cause it was taking up space!)


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