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Just bought a1957 Plymouth Belvedere but hiding it from the wife

From: Jimmy
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Date: October 15, 2002


Hello all! I am brand spanking new to the Mopar family. I just purchased a 1957 Belvedere a week ago and I haven't told my wife yet (keeping it on the other side of town till it is re-done;maybe she'll take it better if it shines when i tell her). I don't know the good end of a screw driver and I don't know much about classics cars but I bought the thing cause the fins hypnotized me. Anyway, here's my dilemna. This car is a four door (would have gotten a 2 door but couldn't quite afford it) and I want to really customize the interior and put a nice paint job on it. However, I am noticing that 4 doors don't seem to offer a return on my investment in the car the way 2 doors do (this shows you how much experience I have in this stuff). Somebody out there please tell me that I should feel alright about putting in about 7-8k in a 4 door 1957 Belvedere for custom interior, paint, and motor work. Ultimately, I know that I just need to like the car for myself. However, after I did a little investigation on the web and at local car shows I started to notice that nobody seems to invest much in 4 doors. And the top going prices on sales seems to be much less on this car than I am about to invest. HELP, I'M NEW AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy


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