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Re: ELECTRONIC IGN. I'm not sure about that Hank

From: adam green
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Date: October 09, 2002


Hank, it's always been my understanding that a ballast resistor makes starting easier. Nothing to do with the idle. With a 12v system, a 12v coil will give its maximum output (spark) with 12v applied. When you crank the car over, especially when cold, there is quite a voltage drop across the battery and the voltage will appear to be around 9-10v. Now, the 12v coil is only seeing 9v from the ign system and gives a weaker spark just when you need a large spark to fire the cold engine. An ign system that uses a ballast resistor, essentially uses a 9v coil. The resistor drops the voltage down to that level during normal operations. There is usually an extra wire fron the starter solenoid that bypasses theresistor when cranking the engine. That means that the 9v coil sees the maximum votage available while cranking the engine. Nice fat spark. When the key is released from the start position, the ballast resistor is back in the circuit and prevents the coil from being overpowered by the 12v system. PHEW! As for Paul and his electronic conversion, you are right in saying follow the instructions. Normally, a conversion has a matched set of parts. Adam


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