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325 poly/hemi intakes the same?

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 08, 2002


On saturday, i drove out to charlisle, figuring i might find some parts for the desoto, or at least some old mopar parts i could use. I was pretty disapointed. There was hardly any mopar to speak of, and almost no forward-look stuff. However, i was pleased to find that there were two dealers who had intakes for old hemi's and even some plymouth polys. They did have a couple intakes to fit the 325 hemi. I had heard that the dual quad for the 325 hemi would work on a 325poly. However, oneof the vendors said it would not, and there are no performance/after-market intakes for the 325 poly. Can anyone tell me for certain that the 325 hemi intake will or won't work on the 325 poly? The short blocks on both engines are the exact same, and the only difference between the poly and hemi is the heads, right??? Will valves, and springs from a the hemi swap with the poly?? Thanks!!


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