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Where 318 polys were built

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 02, 2002


Bob... I never indicated that the Canadian poly was ONLY built in Canada. Chrysler added this engine to US plants in the late 50s as the hemi blocks were discarded and the WEDGE "B" and "RB" engines were introduced. I only meant to point out that it was DESIGNED by Chrysler Canada, and as a matter of course, found its way into Canadian cars as well as the trucks. It was first introduced as a Fargo truck engine, but manifacturing coats pushed Chrysler Canada to offer variants in all the vehicle lines. The "313" was the only variant that never saw the US. The cost advantage came from the shorter stoke crank (easier to make), the reduction of parts (no valley cover, integral oil filter boss on side of block, etc). This and the fact that the larger bore capacity made it easier to juggle displacements with bore. Also, everyone else was going oversquare at the time, and following Ford and GM seemed to be easier to do than buck the trend. Depending on your year, your engine could have been made in either country. Look for a "CWC" letter sequence on your block to truly identify it as "Chrysler Windsor Casting" coded block.


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