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lettin off some steam

From: art
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Date: September 29, 2002


made the mistake of going to a mopar performance shop with some questions regarding my 57 plymouth 301. wasn't expecting them to have parts on the shelf, but any good leads would've been cool. i told the guy i was upgrading to a 4-bbl with weiand intake and i was in search of a supplier for a bolt kit. the guy laughed and basically told me that both my engine and trans were crap and that i should put one of his 360s with a 904 behind it. i told the guy he was smokin his socks because my grandfather was able to put over 250,000 mi on the engine and trans before a rebuild was needed. i sarcastically complimented the gentleman on the nissan he was driving and left. maybe im being a bit sensitive but i'm tired of being treated like a freak because i want to keep the old 301 on the road. i'll sleep better now, needed to vent...good night.


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