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Re: Belvedere weight

From: Tom Noonan
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Date: September 23, 2002


Thanks for the information JW. This is interesting. I just had my Belvedere weighed (at a moving company) and the weight came out to be 3440 lbs. However, I shortened the car by 38" (I sit in what was the back seat) and expected the car to be lighter than 3440 lbs.. Now I REALLY question the weight the company gave me. I have replaced the original power train with a 392 hemi and a late model 4 speed and rear, but the engine is full of replacement aluminum parts (heads, intake manifold, waterpump, alternator, etc.) so I do not think my power train is much heavier than the original power train. I have also modified other aspects of the car (opened up the rear wheel wells, removed/modified the front and rear valances, removed undercoating, fiberglass front fenders) so it should be even lighter. I think I will try another company's scale!!


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