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It's not a bad idea,really

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 17, 2002


If the Chrysler's affected with terminal rot, putting 'the rest of it' in your Plymouth is a neat idea. Now changing dashboards and steering columns is not exactly light hassle-free work,BUT it would take no more effort to install the Chrylser dash than to remove and replace the Plymouth dash (either way,the windshield will have to come out). Same with the steering column. It would be the same effort as installing a Plymouth power steering column. Overall,this is a feasible project! It will be a LOT of work, but the two cars are the same basic chassis so it should all physically fit up (minor shimming,etc. aside,BUT you may have to do such on Ply-to-Ply and Chry-to-Chry parts swaps as well,especially on major parts swapping like this).


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