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Broken torque converter

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 16, 2002


OK, here's the problem. I have been having a leak from my transmission, most likely from the front seal. The leak gets worse on the highway, a lot worse. In town, is a very is a slow drip, but after 50 miles on the highway, the trans will leak +/- 3 quarts of fluid. Now, i also have a low rumble/vibration at speeds above 55-60 mph. I took off the small grate/vent passenger side on the bell housing and found that 2 of the little cooling fins on the torque converter have fallen off, and look like they were caught in something and got bent up. My guess is that the torque converter is vibrating the car at the higer speeds, and is out of balance cuz of the broken fins. Could the vibration be damaging the seal and bush on the trans and causing the leak? I am dropping the trans, and replacing all the seals, but i dont want to put the converter back in with the broken cooling fins, and have it cause another leak, or keep vibrating, If that is wuts causing the leak and vibration. Where could i get a new converter??? Could this have caused any permanent damage to the trans? What other problems might arise, or have happen that i dont know about??? Could the broken fins have damaged something in there???


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