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Re: How to make a 58 coronet handle like a porsche...

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 12, 2002


Kelly, et al, I got my 57 Custom Royal D500 to out perform any 57 Porch, by installing the heavier Coronet/Royal T-bars (as those models didn't have sway bars) , so you can locate/install a swaybar assembly from a 57 CRL or stationwagon; your car already has the swaybar bracket mounting 'slots' in its frame rails; just weld-in the brackets that you can cut-off from the donor "parts-car" . Then you install gas shocks, front & rear (painted black). Then you dial-in your front suspension to 1.5 degrees pos-caster, .5 deg. pos-camber, on left, & 0 deg. on right side, & 3/32" toe-in, THEN you replace your power steering assembly w/a 57 or a 59 unit (I've heard that 58 units weren't very good--no 1st hand experience, tho)-- but either tighten-down the adjusting nut, or have the unit be overhauled; I had Lares Corp 'do' my 57 unit,as it was leaking badly, & it (still) has excellent steering response; I mean, like NO vagueness in the steering-response! Then, you score a set of stationwagon springs--1 extra leaf spring; I found a set from a 62 Chrysler, & kept my cars 'long' leaf, & stacked the other 5 leafs onto it. Also, you could install a 3rd leafspring clamp onto the stack; I've only got 2 clamps on mine. My car's rear end now is very stiff, but not harsh. I also installed a (modern-truck's) 3.55:1 Sure Grip, but "your" stationwagon may have a 3.54 . Then, I installed 11x3" Bendix Duo-Servo brakes, Ft & RR; they stop like NOW; 'Course, "now" you can buy disc brakes for your car. Before you 'do', you can locate/install new-formulation "FF/FF" rated brake linings, which, I'm told, do "not" fade, & stop, when "wet". The most important item, for a car's handling, is its tires , & you CAN find P225/75R14 tires. Then, I installed a water-cooled trannie, & hot-rodded & rebuilt the T/Flite with goodies that I got from John Veatch, a long time ago (HD governor weights & springs.. higher line-pressure) It's got nice FIRM shifts, now, & the water-cooled trannie "lives" longer than the air-cooled units. Then, there's the motor; the hemi is a lot heavier than your 325 Poly--but the "poly" can be built-up very nicely--so you'll have less front end weight, than "me". My engine's bored 40-over, (330 c.i.) with balanced crank & "3/4" cam--it sounds serious. BTW, I've done all this over the 22 years that I've been the Guardian of Horace. "He" still understeers, but the level of control is awesome. Neil Vedder 57 D500


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