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57 Desoto/63 Newport swap (hey Alumcan,I think he meant PowerFLITE!)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: August 31, 2002


This is a good and relatively easy swap, but no it's not a direct bolt-in with every mount lining right up. The rear axle just might be a bolt-in,but the motor mounts and trans. crossmembers will need some redoing (the existing parts,but with holes redrilled,etc.). Likely,this swap will need the driveshaft replaced. For a mechanic experienced with V8/trans swaps, nothing about this swap would be too difficult. Putting a 440 in a Dart/Duster (for example) is more of a headache than this swap,for sure! One more thing: You might want to find the '57 DeSoto Torqueflite dash pushbutton assembly (since your car is PowerFlite 2-spd. auto). The '63 trans. will directly shift from this.


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