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If you plan on a full rebuild......

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 29, 2002


Brian...If you plan on a full rebuild, there are some "improvements" you can do to the engine outside of the go-fast cams, etc. Here I am going to make the assumption you have a 318 "A" poly and not a 350 Golden Commando. If the latter, then some of this will not apply. If you have the cartridge filter, then you should get the MOPAR "LA" or late "A" poly spin-on adaptor parts and convert to the modern filter. MUCH better system, and as far as I can tell, the MOPAR parts do not leak as I have heard of aftermarket conversions. Also, you have an oil bypass passage in your block (look at the block #5 main cap mount and you will see it) that you should plug. This will force all the oil through the filter, where the spin-ons bypass willtake over if necessary. Tap it and put a set screw or small pipe plug in to block off (I have used a 10-24 short allen set screw with loctite for this). Get yourself a modern harmonic balancer as well. This is especially true if you plan on high revs or adding A/C. You can also update to a "LA" hi-po oil pump and then use a modern MOPAR electronic distributor as well. You will need the "LA" intermediate driveshaft. Make sure you check that bushing in the block for wear, and if necessary, change it to the "LA" replacement (it fits, and $2.95 is cheap insurance to no oil pressure later!) If you get the full decoke and cook on the block, you will need new cam bushings. Make sure the shop gun brushes EVERYTHING and blows out with compressed air before installation, as these passages cannot be cleaned after installation. Good luck with you rebuild. If the engine was originally silver block/heads, the closest paint I have found that is decent is the DupliColor "Cast Coat Aluminum" ceramic engine spray (DE1650).


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