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Re: Powerflite to Torqueflite swap

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: August 26, 2002


Tim.... It depends first of all on the year of the engine you start with. IF it is a 1957 hemi, then the rear face adaptor plate will be the correct thickness to begin with (about 1 inch thick). If it is 56 or earlier, then the adaptor plate is too thin (about 7/8"), and you need to get the later plate. NOW, since in 1957 the ring gear changed from 146 tooth count to 172 tooth count, you need a 1957-up starter. IF you are a 1955 and earlier 6V positive ground system, then you will need to keep your old starter and swap in the 1957-up starter bendix gear. The other thing you might want to check is the flywheel flange on the crank. IF you are using a Dodge engine, and it is a 1953 (early) engine, it may have a 6-bolt flange pattern rather than the 8-bolt later pattern. Assuming you can get the correct adaptor (ones off 392s are guaranteed to be correct, as well as '57 341 DeSotos), and you have a 12 Volt system or can convert, it is pretty much a direct swap-in. You will need to acquire a trans cooler for the water inlet of the timing cover or run an external cooler in fron of the radiator. You can use the kickdown linkage from the P-Flite with the T-Flite with adjustements. MAKE SURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL FOR ADJUSTING THE TRNAMISSIN PRESSURES AND LINKAGE BEFORE DRIVING IT, as otherwise you will fry the transmission. The last issue will be to somehow install the T-Flite pushbutton unit into your dash. If the year you have is 57-up, no problem. The bezels are the same outside shape/dimensions for the units. If going into a 56 or earlier, you will have to be creative. Good luck with the swap.


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