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Re: It can be found in the YewEssAy

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 19, 2002


I'll throw out a couple of other radiator shops that will recore and/or rebuild (rod out and seal leaks) in old radiators. In Grafton, Virginia (suburb of Newport News), where I lived for 6 years, there is a shop called Steve's Radiator. Everybody just about goes there if they have an older car. Great place. Here in Michigan, there is a shop called Four Seasons, located in Madison Heights in Detroit area that recored my DeSoto radiator to hold 20psig! They also have stuck a new core in an '87 Landrover for me, and the cost was a pittance compared to what a rebuilt from a dealer would cost (and they probably job it out to 4 Seasons, or somebody like that). These guys are out there, and need to be supported. I would NEVER think of buying one from an Autozone or such. I need somethin like that, its off to Summit and a Be-Cool!


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