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Manual + Power master cyls.

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 03, 2002


Myself and others have used the '73-78 B-body manual disc master cylinder. If I was doing a power brake conversion,the best starting point might be the Master Power '65-72 B-body power booster kit (to add power brakes to a manual car). They don't have a '73-78 version listed on the website. Remember,the '65-72 kit would be the starting point,it would need some work to get the linkage properly sorted out,possibly modify the pushrod,etc. Unless you weigh less than 100 lbs. or have an artificial leg,I think something like the Wilwood/Magnum Force '57-61 kit would stop your car very well even with a manual master cylinder! Now as far as the rear axle swap, the '65-69 C-body non-wagon and '70-74 E-body rear axles are all good candidates. The C and E body axles above are only 1 1-16" wider flange to flange than the original axles.


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