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my color and many thanks

From: joe a dickason
Remote Name:
Date: June 03, 2002


I used 96 dodge firestorm red, or is called caracus red. the toreador red just was too orange for me, so I went with the more blood red. I want to thank everyone who helped with this car by sending good parts. Almost impossible without the help of this site. it took 1 year gathering parts, and 5 weeks to put together. My goal was to get the car to the june first car show and It did make it. not complete, but anyone who wants to look, the link is below. car has new front wings, rechromed front bumper, new grill, new hood ornament, new front valance and lower trim,, near perfect bezels, new headlamp assys, so you can only imag what it looks like up front in person!! Its at the bottom of my web page. anyone who can not open the file, e-mail and I will send the pics directly. thanks aagin.


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