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My wagon did the 'jealous' trick

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: June 02, 2002


One time last year I hadn't driven my wagon in a couple of months. The oil light turned on when I turned on the ignition,but when I cranked the key to start,nothing happened (just like after Arnie dropped off Leigh after the drive-in thing). My girlfriend was in the car,and she jokingly said that my wagon was jealous about my driving my convertible instead of it. So I apologized to my wagon to play along and turned the key to start again. Just like in the movie,the wagon cranked and started right up! Yes,we did look at each other real funny! Officially of course I blame this on moisture condensation on the starter wiring (it had rained the night before and my garage was leaking in a corner,too). The shot of current from the first key turn must have dried it out a bit. Oh,there was the headlight switch thing too. It wouldn't turn on the parking lights,only the headlights. When I took it to the shop ready to take the switch out,I tested it and it turned the parking lights on just as it should. Never had a problem with the switch since!


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