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301 engine knock

From: Charles
Remote Name:
Date: June 01, 2002


Recently I posted a statement and request for suggestions concerning the knock in my '57 Plymouth 301. Thanks to those who answered the call in any way. I have not yet found the noise. When first started up the knock is hardly noticable at an idle. However, once it warms up it gets really loud - sounds like a hammer hitting sonething at every revelotion. Oil pressure is good, starts easy, does not smoke and runs excellent but this knock is really loud. I removed the dust shield and checked to make sure the torque converter is bolted tight to the crank. No problem there. When the engine is running and I am lying underneath the car, the knock sounds like it comes from the torque converter area. In fact I can feel the vibration by placing my hand on the bellhousing in that area. Don't feel it when touching the block or engine oil pan. Sounds to me that it is in that area but I can't figure out what it could be. The transmission was just rebuilt shortly before I bought the car. Any ideas? Anything in the trans. or torque converter that could be making such a noise? By the way, the trans. is a torqueflight. Thanks for any help you can offer. Charles


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