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Re: RE. Brian Cooper

From: Brian Cooper
Remote Name:
Date: June 01, 2002


Sorry I took so long to respond to this post, I have been away from the computer for a while. The secret to my success it total and complete neglect. I rebuilt the four front wheel cyls. about nine years ago on the backing plate. I did not remove them, did not detail them, and used super cheap Napa kits. I had the shoes that were on the car re-lined and reused all the hardware. I have not truned any drums, and since this car has always been in the family I know for a fact that they were last turned in the seventies. We always have changed or rebuilt the shoes before the rivets touch. I rebuilt the rears the same way about two years before that. I have had a leaky lid on the master cyl. (it's bent) for as long as I have owned the car. Every time I change the oil I grab a socket wrench and adjust the brakes with the wheels on the ground. I have done it so often I don't have to jack it up. I tighten them until they touch, then I back them off 1/4 turn. I have about 1/2 inch or so of free pedal, then it is like standing on a brick. The car will always stop smoothly and straight, and if I get on it hard enough to lock the wheels, all four lock together. I feel no need to change to a disc setup, since IN MY CASE, the car works perfectly.


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