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Generally yes,but 2 weaknesses (one big,one minor)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 30, 2002


The torquey big block is the best engine to deal with the wide ratios in the A-833 O/D. There is one big weakness and one little one. NOT in the trans. internals,but the case they are in. The regular iron-case A-833's have the countershaft press-fit to the case,so it fits flush (zero clearance). On the alum. case O/D version,the countershaft has .005" clearance,which increases with wear over time until the trans. goes bad! The solution is to sleeve the case with steel in the countershaft area. (this is serious machinist's work). The minor thing is that ATF (that's right,automatic transmission fluid!) was used OEM in the O/D trans. to make them shift easier. Need I even say that mine has regular gear oil in it? So should all the others (even behind /6's and 318's!).


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