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B-Body variation of '73-79 manual disc master cyl.

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 29, 2002


There's A/F and B body variations,the B is the one I used. I believe the "'79" on the box signifies that the '73-'78 B-body manual disc master cyl. was used in 1979 R-body applications (ex.= Dodge St. Regis). These master cyl's ('73+ A/B/F) have a wire retainer clip over the lid that pops on and off by hand, not the retainer bolt of the dual-chamber drum master cyl, and are about twice as deep in the chambers as the dual drum cyl's. A number of the last Slant-6 1976 A-bodies were still front drum brakes,BTW.... The B-body variation of the cyl. is the closest match to the attachement points to the OEM F.L. linkage,and it bolts right to the firewall of an F.L. car.


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