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Warranty replacement engine (blank number boss)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 29, 2002


If indeed the number boss (on the poly 318,it's located on the front of the block beneath the left -driver's side- cyl. head) is BLANK,you have a MoPar warranty replacement engine. [Page INF-13, 1961 MoPar passenger parts catalog) Quote: "MoPar (warranty) engines are supplied with blank engine number bosses only. Dealers are governed by state law on the application of engine numbers." If the state the car was in still used the engine serial number for registration purposes,the blank boss could be stamped with the original engine's number (if state law allowed or required it). Many states even then went by the now-universal practice of using the chassis serial number only for registration,and in those states if there was no reason to assign an engine number it could be left blank.


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