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The new tires are wonderful!

From: Beckie
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Date: May 29, 2002


Yeah! I got the new Coopers put on this morning :) It drives so much better now. The guy even knew about the lugs! Nothing rubs, and I even got long stems, which I forgot to ask about. I wasn't too keen on the guy who changed my oil this morning (a different place than where I went for tires), but I really like the guys where I got my tires, so I will be calling on them a lot more now. The oil change guy said everything is leaking, which I knew, and I need a new water pump...the guys at the tire place (they do everything there, so they can do my next oil change too) said when I find a new water pump, they would put it in for that is my next locate a new water pump and water pump fun fun! Thank you all again for your help! Beckie :)


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