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Re: Bottom front wheel cyl's prone to leakage

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: May 28, 2002


My solution was always to open the bleed valve and disconnect the line to the offending wheel. Then use a socket and rachet to turn the adjusters in, pull the drum and check the wheel cylinders. It was always my lower front right wheel cylinder. Either the internal "cup" was swollen or there was evidence of a small leak. The solution was to rebuild the cylinder or replace it and then rebleed the brakes. As long as I drive the car several times per week, the brakes never lock up. If the car is used sparingly or allowed to sit for several months, that is when the wheel locks up. I do not know what can keep this from happening with stock brakes. I apologize for not having a solution. Maybe disks are the only answer.


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