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Dual Master Cyl. a must!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 27, 2002


Well now what Billy Jack says about 'one line breaks and you're a goner' is NOT true if you have a dual master cyl. The 73-79 manual disc master cyl. is the best,the Total Contact brakes displace more fluid than later single front wheel cyl. drums so the later drum dual master cyl's require aftermarket proportioning valves to get them to have good brake pedal feel and modulation. Now Kenny I've driven in the Rocky Mountains with 318 and 361 drum brake Plymouths (with dual master cyl's) many times and I'm still in one piece,you just have to exercise engine braking and DO NOT ride the brakes EVER. Needless to say I HIGHLY prefer my disc-brake '60 wagon for mountain trips as I can go 70+ down a 6-7% grade with confidence instead of going 50 with the 'Flite in second. You CAN drive in the mountains with a drum brake car and live if you respect the limitations of the brakes (after all, most of the roads up there were there when my cars were new,people DID drive up there 40+ years ago!)


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