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Thanks, Billy-Jack

From: Kenny J.
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Date: May 27, 2002


I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin so I understand the summer car/winter car thing really well. A dual master cylinder is on the agenda, probably this autumn when I get around to (I hope) installing my overdrive. The temps are supposed to be getting into the 100s later this week and my truck's repaint (the beast has A/C) won't be finished any time soon. So I guess my wife and I will be juggling her mini van during daytime driving. I work nights, so that's when I usually drive the '59. I also have a '59 Chevy, but it needs a total restoration. I will say the Chevy's brakes are superior to the Plymouth's. The Plymouth, however, has ***far*** superior handling and riding qualities (a bit stiffer, too.) I plan to install AAJ disk brakes if I ever go to a V-8. The stock "Full Contact" brakes are adequate for normal driving with the six in city driving. I certainly wouldn't stand for them on mountain roads with a 361 under the hood! ;-) In any event, I do plan to install a dual master cylinder. As for the brakes locking up, it never happens unless the car sits for several months. But it is a guaranteed thing IF the car sits for a while as far as I'm concerned!


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