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Re: Spitfire headers

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: May 26, 2002


Hello, As to the spitfire headers, they're light years ahead in technology compared to the stock manifolds. I've heard that they can improve the 1/4 mile time by about a second. As to the extrude hone process....There's a company out there that uses this process. It was designed by NASA to provide ultra smoothed surfaces on space ship parts. Basically they take sphere shaped media and run it through inside of the manifolds at a very high rate of speed. When finished the inside of the manifolds have a polished, smooth almost mirror like finish. Although the process does increase the air flow quite a bit, it will never replace or out perform a set of headers. Mopar Muscle did an article on this awhile back and that's where I'm getting the results. If you decide to get the spitfire headers, a word of caution. Do not send him payment up front, make him COD it. I ordered a set of headers and paid him up front a year ago and still have nothing to show for it. There are three other folks that are on this list that did the same thing and are waiting as well. He also owes a list member a set of headers that he borrowed to get measurements. We're hounding him pretty frequent now. Hopefully he'll see this and get off his butt and finish what he started. If you can do me a favor, if/when you call him, tell him you're interested but you won't order until he delivers to the folks that he owes them to. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions drop me a line. Take Care-Frank


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