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Re: Shorter 300J-K manifolds also better performers

From: Joe
Remote Name:
Date: May 24, 2002


Daven -- There were a number of pre-'63 "long" rams that had the "short" passages. These were most notable for the seven or so 300F "Specials" that logged the 400 hp for that car(and set the record for the "Flying Mile" at Daytona). Also, I believe the 383 that Al Eckstrand used to take the S/SA at the 1960 NHRA Nationals had the "short" passages in the long tubes (this engine hade a 340 horse rating, I think). Also, the 1961 Dodge with the 413 that the Ramchargers campaigned in 1961 (and beat Don Nickelson's 409 with) had the long tubes with the short internal passages. Rather obviously, these were hard to come by in those days and even rarer than the ordinary long ram tubes. A good illustration of the difference between the "long" and "short" long rams can be found in Consumer Guide's "Muscle Car Chronicle."


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