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Not THAT bad here

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 24, 2002


I could have thrown a 440 and 727 in that Nomad, LOL! The Chevy fanatic father/son pair offered me the car as a trade before they sold it to pay for the rodding of their '61 4-door Nomad wagon,and really I'd say '58-up Chevy wagons would be almost in the same 'boat' as Mopar wagons in terms of relative lack of 'interest' compared to the tri-5 Chevys. I respect the "W"'s for building a really cool 454-powered '61 Nomad instead of taking the easy way out with that '57. And like Hank says,their '61 Nomad got more attention than the tri-5's at the last Super Chevy show! The "W"'s and I may be brain-dead,but OUR rides get noticed,LOL!


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