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RE. Brian Cooper

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
Remote Name:
Date: May 24, 2002


Thank's Brian for that useful information. You're absolutely right. How often do you have to turn the steering wheel that sharp? except in maybe a parking lot. My question to you is, you mentioned that your brakes on your 1957 Plymouth doesn't give you any trouble. What's your secret? I know I'm changing mine over to discs so it shouldn't matter, but I faught with my original brakes for years. The front always gave me the most trouble. It was most embarassing when I would be at the local cruise night and my car would be the only one in the parking lot that wouldn't move because one of the front wheels would lock up. I even tried rebuilding my wheel cylinders every year and putting new brake fluid in it every year. I even went as far as to put heavier brake springs on the brake shoes with the hope that maybe that might work. It didn't! Even a friend of mine who owns a 1960 Desoto Adveturer 2dr hdtp and he has the same problem as I have. He even went as far as to rebuild his whole brake system replacing the conventional brake fluid with silicone. That didn't even work. His car is featured in the book "Cars of the sensational sixties, it's the red one with the picture taken from the rear of the car. He did a concours restoration on his car so it is very frustrating to him also. We are both convinced that the Chrysler brake system in that era is a flawed system and no matter what you do you will never get it to perform as you would like. Brian, if you have the secret as to how to get these brake systems to work properly please let us all know your secret. I think that I've tried eveything, don't you?


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