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Re: Brain-Dead? YES!

From: alumcan
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Date: May 23, 2002


YES, Einstine! A '57 Nomad the way you described it, ALL there, NO missing trim, upholstry, NOT beat up, NO rust, but with NO MOTOR/TRANS, WILL sell quicker, and for more money than yours or ANY '50's or '60's MoPar wagons! This area is MoPar dead! Remember me telling you about being at a local car show, and got volunteered to sit in the shade and hand out goody bags? I over heard the judges talking among themselves, that there was NO way that any of them would hand out trophys to any MoPars! In the city of Morgantown, I can count on one hand, the MoPar people! Now that I remember, wasn't there a post on MoPar horror stories, in the archives somewhere?


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