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Re: dual quad setup

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 21, 2002


I have heard much talk about progressive versus simultaneous linkage. My 56 Adventurer has only the simultaneous option, the progressive being offered the next year for the 345 engine. I think either method would work. It is nice to have both options, as the Furies had with their carbs. My recommendation was bsed on DO NOT OVERCARB an engine. If you know that 2 500 CFMs do not overcarb and kill off the off-idle response of a 273, then this should work on a 318 with no real issues. It would be nice to know the cam and exhaust system, plus stall speed of the converter (if auto box) on that 273, though, as a reference. If 500 CFM AFBs are available (and cheaper), I would start with them. If too much, then drop back to smaller carbs like you indicate on your 318.


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