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Re: dual quad setup

From: Dark Cloud
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Date: May 21, 2002


I talked to a guy who ran two 500 cfm's on a 273 and he ran them full (not progressive) and said he had no problems. I plan on using a progressive linkage on a 625 primary and a 500 secondary. Of course, I alos plan on headers and a nice street cam, plus at least .040 over with some head porting done. If that is too much I'll either go with a pair of 500 cfm's or go back to a single 750 cfm carb. if you run two 500's I don't think progressive is the way to go. I ran a single 500cfm and my mileage suffered because I was constantly into the secondaries to make the car go. Currently I have a single 625 cfm and my mileage has improved dramatically.


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