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Re: New AFBs for a 57/58 318 2x4 setup

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 21, 2002


The closest in airflow AFBs to the original WCFBs would be to acquire a pair of AFBs for the 273 CID Powerpack engine setup (about 400 CFM per carb) You would have to fabricate your own linkage from a kit (Summit/JEGS), and possibly tweak the mixture settings. Definitely have to make the idle speed adjustments for both carbs, but the philosophy of setting up the WCFB idles would apply. You might try also removing the choke on the front carb, since one should be sufficient, and cut down the accel pump shot somewhat since it is probably too much with both carbs set up a single 4-bbl units. The modern Edelbrocks run about 600/850 CFM, and their actual Carter AFB predessors ran about 500/800 CFM. These I believe would be too much unless you plan to go racing!


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