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Re: 361/383/413 Cross Ram Engine Swap for '58 Belvedere

From: Joe
Remote Name:
Date: May 21, 2002


Jim -- When you talk "ram induction," there really are three different kinds of ram tubes used on wedge engines. The first were the 30" tubes used on most ram engines in '60-'61. I have a very early unmolested '60 Fury with that setup (I also campaigned another one back in '60-'64.) In addition, there is also a "short" version of these tubes used on 400 horse 300Fs, Eckstrand's SS/A champion '60 Fury, the Ramchargers''61 413 Dodge, and some of the later 300s. Externally, the tubes are virtually identical to the regular 30", still extending over the valve covers to the almost the sides of the fenderwells. These have shorter INTERNAL "tuned" passages. Then, there were the very short ram tubes used on the "Max-Wedges" in '62-'63-'64. Remember though, that your '58 isn't as big as my '60 and that there is a difference in block height between "B" 361s and 383s and the "RB" 383s, 413s, 426s, and 440s which affect manifold selection.


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