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361/383/413 Cross Ram Engine Swap for '58 Belvedere

From: Jim Barnett
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Date: May 20, 2002


I have searched the archives and haven't seen this question asked and since I have always wanted another '58 Plymouth HT (I owned a mint 58 Fury GC350 during High School in 1967 - paid $250.00 for it) AND a Long Ram Inducted car, I am thinking about putting an engine together to swap into the '58 Belvedere 318 2x4s I just bought (maybe next year). My question is: will the Long Ram Intake fit under the hood without having to modify anything or will I have to relocate some items?? I know the earlier Long Rams are LONGER than the later versions that were in the 300J/K cars, so I thought I'd start searching for a set of those "shorter" Ram Tubes, as we used to call them in Indiana (yeah, the State Troopers used the 383 Golden Commando Long Ram/Cross Ram engines in their patrol cars in the early 60s and that's where I first saw them and have ever since thought they were THE most awesome induction ever available on any car). I was thinking of the 413 for a little more "punch". Now THAT COMBINATION would be the BEST of both worlds for me: A RAM INDUCTED '58 Plynouth HT (yes, my '58 is already a Christine Clone, but heck, I've longed for one ever since I first saw THAT movie). Any recommendations and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS! Jim


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