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Charging system

From: Roger
Remote Name:
Date: May 19, 2002


I'm working on the charging system on a 61 Dodge Phoenix, I have a charged battery, an altenator that's producing, and I believe a voltage regulator ( new electronic version of the old, reed switch type)that's regulating. The car cranks fine, I have the ammeter hooked up and indicating, I also have the temp gauge and fuel gauge hooked up and indicating At idle the amp guage reads center and the fuel and temp indicate what i consider real conditions, however when i bring the rpms off idle the amps increase and then fall back to about center, i can take a voltage reading at the amp guage and 14.6 vdc, my problem is that the fuel and temp guages keep climbing and peg until i return to idle, i know the charge rate should be a high of around 14.6 vdc, and at idle its aroung 13 vdc, so the guages are pegging because they are receiving the charge voltage, how do you supply 12 vdc to the electrical system when the charging rate is 14.6. MY diagram shows a direct 12 guage wire from the bat. connector to the lug on the headlight switch where power is taken off. anyone have an idea?, am i missing something basic here?, is the wire diagram wrong? anyone have this problem before? Thanks Roger


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