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Modern Stereo in My '59 Plymouth

From: Kenny J.
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Date: May 12, 2002


I came up with an interesting way to mount an AM/FM/CD player in my '59 Plymouth without cutting the dash. I got ahold of an early '60s add-on air evaporator housing that was too far gone to restore. I gutted it, repainted the entire housing and front bezel, mounted the stereo unit inside and replaced the louvers with a plastic flip-down "door" mounted on a hinge I attached to the lower part of the louver housing. My friend will air brush louver lines on the door and it will look like an under dash A/C unit from the outside. I installed the stereo unit so I can unplug the antenna lead and main harness to remove the unit from the car for extra security. Speakers can be mounted under the front seat, or any upholstery shop can make up a set of kick panels to mount the speakers in so you don't have to cut up your originals. Yeah, your car buddies will notice no compressor under the hood, but the average scum bag thief in a shopping center parking won't know the difference.


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