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Re: 15" Chrysler Kelsey Hays wire wheels They DO.

From: alumcan
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Date: May 11, 2002


Hank, This is what they told me. They DO make the center spinner hubcap. They make the complete Chrysler wire wheel, just like in the picture, center cap and all. They are an exact duplicate of the originals. (Only better. Their words) What it is that they DON’T make, is the center cap with a Chrysler/MoPar logo, like the other wheels they make that are pictured. Copyright infringement. Remember in the ‘80’s there sometime, the Chrysler ‘muckity-muck’ lawyers went on a copyright infringement ‘witch hunt’! They targeted ‘little re-popers’ (ex.) someone was reproducing ’66 Charger taillights. The lawyers came in and said, “give us a million dollars and you can make yer taillights!” Stuff like that. They even went after businesses that have been operating for decades, which had some sort of Chry/MoPar name that WAS NOT even related to the cars or factory! The one that I remember was a restaurant/truck stop/beer garden/whore house/grocery store/whatever, that the name was Jeep’s. Well, this guy “Jeep” ‘stood up’ to the lawyers when they came after him, and he proved that HIS dad gave him that name after Popeye’s kid Jeep, looooong before the Jeep was even produced by Bantam/Ford/Willys/Chrysler! After he spent a huge amount of money to win the case against him, he was quoted saying, “,,,,,that if any Chrysler product came into his place, he was gonna set fire to it! Period!” Anyway, those Chrysler wire wheels don’t have a center cap logo.


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